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Whether in private life, as a hotel manager, in the construction industry or in the healthcare sector – checklists have always been an important part of solving and optimizing problems, processes and complicated challenges in any industry, discipline or field. 

Hotels & Gastronomy

· Cleaning Tasks · Hygiene Routines · Customer service ·

Marketing Agency

· Event organization · Publication of content · Content preparation ·


· Product launches · Production Process · Surgical Safety ·

Human Resources

· Application process · Onboarding of employees · Staff appraisals · Employee offboarding ·

Software Development

· Release organization · Acceptance criteria · Review documentation ·

General Team Collaboration

· Team-Weeklys · Organization of team events · Definition of Done ·

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Checklists at B&B

B&B Hotels use our Checklists for Atlassian Cloud. It’s a great way to streamline their processes from hygiene to service – the Checklists App from Seibert Media helps to ensure that everyday work get’s done reliable and efficient. One of the core features B&B uses is the seamless integration of the cloud app with our mobile app. Watch their Testimonial Video.

B&B Hotels

What our customers say

I am thankful for this checklist app. I am running almost all routine processes in our hotel based on checklists from this app. It gives me peace of mind, that I know, that the prescribed and well-tested and proven steps are kept by our staff in the three shifts that we run to be available 24/7 for our guests. The ability to include people and let them generate checklists with a simple link or QR code is paramount to the high adoption that we see with our staff. Thanks a lot for building this.

Caroline Gomoluch Hotel Manager

This app is a breeze. It's even working for the people we had trouble following our paper checklists as the transparency of the whole process has significantly increased. We can easily follow up and see if checklists have been created and finished. The addition of a signature is adding a level of trust that is helping our HACCP requirements and the internal QA processes.

B&B Hotels

We are running daily, weekly and monthly checklists with this app so far. It's super cool that we can print out a QR code and really anyone can fire up a checklist from the template and work off this list. No logins. No hurdles. Thanks for making this simple and easy.

Klaudia Harkot

Great tool, easy to manage but with a bunch of useful features. Users got pretty easily adopted and a bit addicted to its simplicity. Compared to the paper based checklists we used to have before, more checklists are completed in total. No need to print, search or file paper any more.

Axel Blumentritt

Great plug-in as it stands as a beta version. The developers are currently very interested in feedback and I notice they're releasing weekly releases with new functionality. I have high hopes for this plug-in.

Cameron Clancy

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