Public checklists
for non-desk workers

Reach all non-desk workers with public checklists for Jira & Confluence

Increase efficiency for non-desk workers

Public checklists (optional) an be accessed with a link from anywhere on the internet, even ouside Atlassian Jira or Confluence. Public templates taht can be shared via link or QR code, create public checklists. Such public checklists can be filled out without a login from anyone. This allows non-desk users to use their smartphone or tablet to use checklists on the go. All checklist data is synced back to your prefered Atlassian Cloud product to stay informed.

The best part is that non-desk workers don't meed an Atlassin account end therefore wont' be billable as user.

didit checklists for non-desk workers
QR code print outs

Create checklists where they're needed in seconds

Scan, Check, Done! QR Codes instantly transform any physical object into a digital checklist, streamlining tasks and enhancing efficiency. Simplify processes, save time, and stay organized with the power of QR codes at your fingertips.

With a QR code, any physical item becomes an instant checklist. This technology empowers you to streamline your work processes, saving time and reducing errors.

No login required

Whether you're on the route to meet a client, conducting site inspections, or planning an event, our app ensures you're well-prepared.

Best of all, there's no need for time-consuming logins or registrations for external or non-Atlassian users. Our user-friendly app is accessible to all, completely free of charge (for Jira), enabling seamless checklist management for everyone, everywhere.

Available anywhere and anytime

  • Complete Checklists On-the-Go Using Mobile Devices
  • Save Valuable Time with Ready-Made Checklist Templates
  • Instantly Distribute Checklists Across Multiple Locations
  • Use QR codes to create instant on sight checklists with your smartphone

Scan QR code to create checklist