Recurring checklists
for Jira & Confluence

Create recurring checklists for repetitive tasks within your Atlassian Cloud product or on the go via mobile phone or tablet.

Save time and never miss a thing

Recurring checklists are indispensable for tasks that repeat regularly. Whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly routines, these checklists automate the process, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

By eliminating the need to recreate lists each time, they save time, reduce stress, and promote consistency. Whether you're managing personal responsibilities or overseeing business processes, recurring checklists provide a simple, efficient, and reliable way to stay organized.

Duplication prevention New

didit checklists for Jira & Confluence ensures that creation of new checklists, based on a recurring creation job, is blocked. Instead the creator is forwarded to the existing checklists.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual checks and hello to efficiency. When a new checklist, based on a recurring creation job, is created, our smart algorithm scans your checklist database, prevents a needless duplication and automatically forwards to the existing checklists. This not only saves your staff precious time but also guarantees a consistent workflow.

didit recurring checklists ui
Using checklists in hotels

Example: Hotel room cleaning

Imagine you are working as a hotel manager, responsible for coordinating room cleanings. To streamline this process, employees can create a recurring checklists job and utilize QR codes to generate new checklists from your smartphone for individual rooms.

Now, let's consider a scenario where not all rooms on a floor have been cleaned and it's time for a shift change. If an recurring checklist job exists, in this case a daily "clean room"-checklist, a new employee can simply scan a QR code in a room, ensuring no duplicate is inadvertently created. Instead, the new employee is instantly forwarded to the most up-to-date checklist, facilitating a seamless transition.