Checklists for
employee onboarding

Revolutionize employee onboarding: Streamline success with tailored checklist templates!

Problem 1

Rushed onboarding

A smooth employee onboarding process is essential for ensuring that new hires perform well and stick around to make your company successful.

Onboarding can be a long process with lots of steps, and sometimes steps are missed because employers want to rush the process and get new people integrated quickly. But skipping steps mean the new hire may not get the tools or training they need to do their job.


Onboarding checklist templates

If your HR teams use Jira or Confluence, then they can use Didit to create onboarding checklists (and any other HR-related checklists they may need). Here’s what you can do:

  • Add the employee onboarding checklist template that comes with Didit to your Jira or Confluence
  • Customize the onboarding template to match your processes
  • Create a checklist template from scratch using AI or by copying and pasting from another source
  • Use the Didit for Confluence app to automatically create a checklist from the content in a Confluence page, then save it as a new template
  • Use the template over and over again to ensure the same steps are carried out every time with every new hire

Customize onboarding checklist templates
Checklist for employee onboarding can simplify processes for HR teams
Problem 2

Inflexible onboarding

Sometimes using an employee onboarding checklist can encourage HR teams to blindly follow the same process for every hire, even if certain aspects of it aren’t relevant to their role.

As a result, the new employee may be confused as to what’s expected of them or waste time learning things they don’t need.


Customized onboarding checklists

Although the steps may be similar for each new hire, it’s important to keep your onboarding process flexible.

Every checklist you make in Didit, even those based on a template, can be easily tweaked so that you can personalize the onboarding process in ways that reflect the new hire’s role.

Please see our documentation for how to make and use employee onboarding checklists in Didit.