The power of didit business checklists.

It is not without reason that checklists are often used where life and death are at stake: in hospitals, at airports or by the fire brigade, for example.
Studies show that even very well-trained people skip process steps or make mistakes if the necessary steps are known in principle but are not transparent and comprehensible at the moment of execution.


Transparency about the necessary steps and the current processing status

Improved Quality

Noticeable improvement in the overall quality of completed tasks with the help of checklists

Reduce Errors

Significantly reduce the error rate in the execution of repetitive work steps

Consistent Results

Well-established standards lead to more consistent results (expressed e.g. in customer experience)

No skipping of tasks

The number of process steps skipped “by mistake” decreases considerably

Endless Use Cases

Checklists will be used successfully in virtually every field, every industry, and even in private.

Find out the areas of application for checklists​

Absolutely perfect
in the Atlassian Cloud

didit checklists for Confluence and Jira Cloud offer the best opportunities to digitize your processes, whether internal or external. With our Live Sync, all data remains in sync, regardless of the system. Employees always receive the current and correct version of the checklist to be completed.

Available anywhere and anytime

Check out our native mobile app for iOS and Android and check off your checklist tasks anywhere. Whether you’re on your way to a client, inspecting a new job site, or preparing an event – use our app to prepare well.

And on top: No need to login, register - our easy to use app is free for anyone.

A ton of features
ready for you

Safe and reliable completion of repetitive tasks requires functional and easy-to-use software. We offer exactly that with didit -checklists for Confluence and Jira: A checklist software that supports you to do the daily work with simple means, without overhead. You can get an overview of the most important features including an outlook here.

Sign Checklists -
secure and auditable

With a simple template setting, a signature must be provided to complete a checklist. This ensures that the work has been done carefully and comprehensibly. It is traceable which person is responsible for the completion of the checklist.

Take advantage of our mobile app to make this feature as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

Secure Data

Within our App all Data is only stored in the EU, so no GDPR issues with our app.

Safe and easy share

Share Checklists with anyone. Internal or external and keep an eye on public and private Checklists.


No issues whether you are using your mobile, a notebook or a big screen - we got you covered. In the Atlassian Cloud and outside.



Everything our Checklists App has for you. 

Confluence Macros

Easily embed existing Checklists in Confluence Pages. Sync Status of specific Checklists over Pages and Applications.

Create New and Fill Out checklist in Jira

Use the integrated Jira-Ticket Checklist to create a new checklist out of a template or fill out existing Checklists within a Jira Task

Create Checklist in Confluence Blueprint

Use the placeholder Macro tom be able to create a new Checklist Instance with every usage of the corresponding Blueprint.

Jira Auto-Assign CHecklist

Auto-assign specific Checklist to Issue Type in Jira Cloud.


Templates serve as a template for recurring, standardized checklists. Use templates to always assign the most current and correct version of a checklist to the right people.

Share with QR Code

Generate QR codes that can easily be scanned with every smartphone and used without login.

Public Checklists

Share checklists outside the Atlassian Cloud through public links.

Checklist Mobile App

Use our free native Mobile App for iOS and Android to create new Checklists or complete started ones.

Always in sync

Checklists will always stay in sync - from Confluence over Jira, our Mobile App and our Standalone Web-Portal

Allow External Users

With our In-Sync Standalone Portal external users can register and use Checklists, be assigned as Template Managers and thus can manage Checklists and Templates without the need of an Atlassian User.

More Features

Add Notes to Checklists
If you need to add a thought or a remark to your checklist when filling it out.
Add Images to Checklists
A picture can be worth more than a thousand words. Add it to your checklist.
Add Description of Checklist
To help people who fill out checklists you can add a description with links and instructions that will be displayed in each checklist as well.
Export and Import Checklists
If you want to save or transfer a checklist you can save a JSON export file.
Such exports can be imported in the software as well.
Define a template manager
Provide an email address of the template manager.
Import Examples
Filter and choose from a list of examples and import a checklist as a template with one click.
Free Support
We’ve over 240 employees and love to work with our customers. Contact us and try it.
Free Onboarding and Consulting
While we’re investing in this app we’d like to give you a personal demo and help.
Filter and Sort Checklists
Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have lots of checklists. That’s when our filters help.
Require signatures for checklists after completion
Ability to define in a checklist template that signatures are required after completion.
Embed a button to create new checklists in Confluence
The first checklist almost always stinks. Iterating and improving is crucial to exploit the value of checklists. We offer a simple way to suggest improvements from within the app.
Once you receive feedback and suggestions for improvements you can resolve or delete them in the admin area.
Give Feedback on Checklists
Within your documentation on Confluence pages you can insert a link to create a new checklist as a prominent button.

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